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Vegan Tantra Volume I

Vegan-Tantra Vol. I traces the development and culmination of various ancient systems of Tantra/Magic into the three source texts of the Indian Vedas, the Greek Hermetica and the Chinese I-Ching, that shaped the face of all major world religions to come later.


It maps the journey of the rise and fall of the original Tantric religions of mankind, the individual journeys of its practitioners, the correlations of Eastern Tantra with Western Magic and their inseparable bond with Veganism. 


While much knowledge of the many Tantric practices of ancient civilizations has been lost, what survives unmistakably and most importantly is the fact that whether we know it or not we are all tantrics, little magicians, doing Tantra in our everyday lives. The question remains only of our awareness of them.


Vegan Tantra shares exactly that awareness about the basic ritual, constituents, symbolism, philosophy, and relevance of Tantra today so as to demystify the enigma surrounding it and make it more accessible to all.

Above all, by helping us understand how our own behavior towards other forms of life on the planet is responsible for our current circumstances, it reminds us of our part in the universe as a co-creator. 


Vegan Tantra discusses diverse themes such as Tantric techniques of increasing sexual bliss, heightening creative/intuitive abilities, use of psychoactive substances to develop extra sensory perceptions, reincarnation, life after death, ancient alchemy, modern psychology, the science behind new age fields of music/sound therapy, colour therapy, Biomimicry and the pit-falls of black magic using animal sacrifice.


Using several quotes from Vedic and Hermetic literature, studying the life of their authors and references to many anecdotes and archetypes from eastern and western mythology Vegan Tantra promises to be a roller-coaster ride through the fabled world of Tantra and Magic encountering celestial nymphs, dreadful monsters and orgiastic celebrations from our sexually brilliant past on a powerful journey of personal transformation for it's audience.

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